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Delaware Dentists DE - Medicaid Public Health Care

State - Regional - Private Resources

In most instances the contacts listed below are regional providers within a given zip code area. To add cities not already listed that may have approved Medicaid resources contact the Webmaster.

Practice owners and Dentists can use the Add A Practice form to obtain a free listing in this directory.

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Zip code areas served: 19701, 19702, 19808, 19803, 19709, 19713, 19939, 19904, 19968, 19977, 19707, 19703, 19720, 19901, 19734, 19804
  • Family Dentistry at Governors Square
    1229 Quintilio Drive
    Bear DE
    (302) 838-3384

  • John Wasniewski DMD
    262 Fox Hunt Dr
    Bear, DE
    (302) 832-1371

  • Alan Nguyen D.M.D
    3009 Philadelphia Pike
    Claymont, DE
    (302) 793-0100

  • Homer Minus D.D.S
    446 A South New Street
    Dover, DE
    (302) 674-3303

  • Dover Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
    1113 S. State Street, Suite 201
    Dover DE
    (302) 672-7766

  • Dawn Grandison D.D.S
    429 S. Governors Ave
    Dover, DE
    (302) 678-3384

  • Alexis A. Senholzi D.M.D
    720 Yorklyn Road, Suite 120
    Hockessin, DE
    (302) 234-2728

  • William E. Gonce D.D.S
    530 School House Road, Suite F
    Hockessin DE
    (302) 235-2400

  • Delaware Smile Center
    General Dentistry and Orthodontics
    201 Carter Drive, Suite A
    Middletown DE
    (302) 285-7645

  • Sean M. Mercer D.D.S
    524 Union St
    Milton, DE
    (302) 684-1100

  • Jennifer R. Greenley D.D.S
    702 E. Basin Road, Suite 1
    New Castle DE
    (302) 322-0245

  • Collins Dental Associates
    38 Peoples Plaza
    Newark, DE
    (302) 834-4000

  • Taurance Bishop DDS
    Springside Plaza
    Newark, DE
    (302) 838-8306

  • Silly Smiles, LLC
    200 Biddle Ave, Suite 201
    Newark DE
    (302) 838-1865

  • WildSmiles4Kids
    Pediatric Dentist
    220 Christiana Medical Center
    Newark DE
    (302) 453-1400

  • The Welsh Dental Group
    1400 Peoples Plaza Suite 207
    Newark DE
    (302) 836-3711

  • Michael J. Nies D.D.S
    27 Deak Dr
    Smyrna, DE
    (302) 653-6661

  • Rama L. Yerneni D.M.D
    200 South Dupont Blvd, Ste 103
    Smyrna, DE
    (302) 223-6194

  • Townsend Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
    3920 S. Dupont Parkway Suite C
    Townsend DE
    (302) 376-7979

  • : Avalon Dental
    Adeline Farhi DDS
    6 Larch Ave unit 402
    Wilmington DE
    (302) 999-8822

  • Smile Solutions of Delaware
    1601 Milltown Road
    Wilmington, DE
    (302) 999-8113

  • John Burke DDS
    3105 Limestone Rd
    Wilmington, DE
    (302) 995-7128

  • Laurie B. Jacobs DDS
    Childrens Dentistry
    708 Foulk Road
    Wilmington DE
    (302) 764-7714

  • Mark R. Fiss D.D.S
    4901 Limestone Road
    Wilmington, DE
    (302) 239-4600

  • Pike Creek Dental
    Ryan Robinson DDS
    4901 Limestone Road
    Wilmington DE
    (302) 239-0410

Tips on how to find more participating dentists

Finding an approved dentist in your immediate area can be difficult or frustrating. In general terms, smaller cities have few provider resources that can include general dentists or practices and a variety of specialties. Orthodontists are also listed in a directory at Medicaid The specialty of oral surgery may best be found by finding general dentistry practices that are already enrolled providers. If oral surgery is not available with a particular practice, a referral may be possible from that office. Endodontists (root canal specialists) may also be similarly found. Medicaid recipients may discover they will need to travel to another county or city to find approved practices. Dentists who accept medicaid payment programs for childrens dentistry can be found through the use of a family dental practice that provides general dental care patient of all ages or through Pediatric specialists that are listed, in part, in this directory.

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  • Participate in government supported research
  • Obtain leading edge treatment at little or no cost
  • U.S and Overseas
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